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Office of Occupations and Professions


The Kentucky Office of Occupations and Professions provides administrative and fiscal management, technical support and advice to 23 regulatory boards in the complex system of occupational licensing.
This website features access to each of the professional boards maintained by the Office of Occupations and Professions.  The individual board websites offer useful information for licensees and the public. Features include meeting information, current members, board administrators, printable application and renewal forms, links to professional associations, links to the Kentucky statutes and regulations governing the practice of 23 professions, and printable instructions and forms for filing a complaint against a licensed professional.
The online renewal option is available for select licenses.  Please navigate to your board's website and click on the Renewal link in the yellow bar.  If your board's website does not have a renewal link, you are not eligible to renew your license online.  Boards supported by Occupations and Professions can be found at: 
Kentucky One Stop Business Portal Registration:
The Kentucky One Stop Business Portal (One Stop) is an initiative to conduct online services with Kentucky state government through a single online portal.  Registration with One Stop is a prerequisite to renewing your license online.  You may use your existing user name and password to sign into One Stop.  If you did not renew online last year, you must create a One Stop account.   If you are having trouble creating or using this account, please contact One Stop at 502-782-8930 and wait through the entire message to be transferred to the next available agent, or email  If you are creating a new One Stop business account, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account.  Please allow up to fifteen (15) minutes for this email to be delivered to your inbox.  Upon receipt, click the link to activate your account and log into One Stop using the username and password you created (One Stop automatically generates “cit\” in front of your username). You must then close that browser, return to the board’s website and click the yellow renewal tab.  This will take you directly to the Occupations and Professions user registration page. 

Occupations and Professions Online Renewal System:
You are required to enter your user name and password again and then click on your license number.  This is the exact same username and password used for the One Stop Business Portal, as above.  As you advance through the renewal system, you must click the “Continue” button at the bottom of each screen.  Do not press the “Enter” key; please wait 2-3 seconds before clicking “Continue” or you may be looped back and have to start over.  Be sure that you have double-checked your email address, phone numbers and all other contact information, as requested, when renewing your license. The board needs this information for future correspondence. If your contact information changes throughout the year, you must submit a name/address change form, available on the website.
Printable renewal forms can be found on your board's website.  The Office of Occupations and Professions suggests completing your renewal at least two weeks prior to your expiration date.



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