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Office of Occupations and Professions


The Kentucky Office of Occupations and Professions provides administrative and fiscal management, technical support and advice to 24 regulatory boards in the complex system of occupational licensing.
This website features access to each of the professional boards maintained by the Office of Occupations and Professions.  The individual board websites offer useful information for licensees and the public. Features include meeting information, current members, board administrators, printable application and renewal forms, links to professional associations, links to the Kentucky statutes and regulations governing the practice of 24 professions, and printable instructions and forms for filing a complaint against a licensed professional.
*The Office of Occupations and Professions suggests completing your renewal at least two weeks prior to your expiration date.
1. Important Notice Regarding New Online System
You must create a brand new username and password.
Old One Stop Usernames and passwords are no longer valid and will not work.
v  Social Security number is used strictly as an identifier to accurately match old system data to new system data.  It will not remain within public view and has strict security.
v Please pay close attention to the required fields when registering your account. 
v When individual Board�s online renewal is completed, we will use the valid email address to communicate any new features or procedures. After your new user account is set up, you can print a new card or certificate. Legacy License Number and License Number will show identical licensure status and are valid to use today.
Website notice from April 15, 2016 click HERE
2. Sept. 7, 2016: Update -- Kentucky Board of Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers
We have experienced a few technical difficulties with our new site, which are being addressed. No rollout goes perfectly and this is no exception. Emails were sent to those assigned a HME license number from Pharmacy.
You may be able to create your e Service account @  using the OP ID # contained in the email, however the difficulties occurring involve an update that was pushed into production over the weekend by an outside vendor that appears to be affecting all of our boards online services. Corrections are being made.
If you have not gotten an email, please provide the following information:  Business name, business address, email associated with the account(s), HME license number(s) you are looking to find in the system.  Please send those to
Thank you.
Sept. 2, 2016
KBDMES and the Office of Occupations and Professions are working to create an online renewal process for your Home Medical Equipment licensing.  Furthermore, we have been in communication with the Medicaid offices regarding the delays in getting renewal licenses completed. This office stands ready and willing to email an official letter to providers as needed after September 25th should issues continue.
 An email will be sent with directions to all with email addresses we acquired from the Pharmacy Board�s records and an OP ID number to use when creating a User Name and Password. If you do not find all of your license numbers/locations, or have not received an email by September 8th, please email the business name, address and old HME-00000 number so that we can track it down. Please use the email account associated with your license.
Please have your CMS approved accreditation in your saved documents as it will be required to be uploaded during the process. Please be extremely careful to input the correct date the accreditation expires as the KBDMES Board Administrators must verify the authenticity of the document and its expiration date to approve the renewal. 
The online system will allow quicker turnaround time for you, enter needed business information, pay upon exiting and have the ability to print your required certificates out once approved which may take several days after submission given the large volume we anticipate.
Beginning July 15, 2016, licensing of persons who provide home medical equipment and services, or use the title �home medical equipment and services provider� in connection with his or her profession or business, shall be licensed through the Kentucky Board of Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers (KBDMES). Effective July 15th, additional instructions and forms may be posted to complete initial or renewal licensing applications. Please return to this site for further information.
Current regulations under KRS 315.512 have been repealed and reenacted as a new section of KRS Chapter 309. Until such time has a new Board is formed and Kentucky Board of Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers is able to create administrative regulations, the Office of Occupations and Professions will develop methods to complete licensure for 2016 renewals. When available, they will be posted on this website along with instructions as to their completion.
Thank you,

Larry Brown,  Executive Director
Office of Occupations and Professions